Steam Summer Sale 2019 schedule leaked: Details inside


Steam Summer Sale 2019, the gamer’s much awaited loot is rumored to start on June 25 according to a leak. The leak was spotted by Steam database Twitter account on a Chinese community page SteamCN. Steam Database has reportedly confirmed the leak by multiple sources.

The leak is in abidance with the ongoing tradition of Valve not confirming the dates. The Steam dates always pop up as a leak before Valve surprises everyone. Here are the details of schedule of Steam Summer sale this year as per the leak.

Steam Summer Sale 2019: When does the sale begin ?

The sale will begin at 6pm BST on June 25 according the tweet from Steam Database. The sale is once again rumored to last for 2 weeks.

The tweet read: ‘Steam Summer Sale 2019 date leaked as per tradition, it will begin on June 25, 2019 at 10AM PST and will last for two weeks. via SteamCN and confirmed by multiple sources.’

Another credible information source regarding the steam is The update website also has a message displayed on the homepage regarding the unconfirmed time. The website calculates algorithms based on previous sale schedules.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 schedule leaked: Details inside

Steam sale the biggest of all for PC gamers

Pc gamers are once again expected to have a host of options to buy from. Mini games could also be brought back along with Steam trading cards winding the clock back to yesteryears. SummerSalien was the game of the year for the last sale.

Steam fans would also draw inspiration for bigger discounts based on the recent Epic games sale. Epic Mega Sale doled out heavy discounts on bestselling PC games like Borderlands 3 and Division 2. Steam is expected to be one step ahead over its rivals and the PC gamers would be licking their lips in anticipation.

Break your money banks, collect all your funds, because PC gamers, ‘It is that time of the year’ indeed with Steam Summer Sale 2019.

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