Stephen King The Stand: Cast revealed for the post-apocalyptic mini-series

Stephen King's 'The Stand' recruits characters for upcoming mini-series

The King of Horror, Stephen King in on brink to revive another adaptation of his esteemed, post-apocalyptic novel The Stand. Twenty-five years before, King teased the first and foremost TV adaptation of The Stand, grossing a million dollars streams on the small screen.

The Stand stands high with another TV adaptation

With a sheer blend of human behavior, psychology with deep-felt shreds of horror, The Stand vows to give you some life-long thrills. Josh Boone was reported to be in talks with a few actors. Meanwhile, the fierce director has no more delayed in finalizing actors for lead roles.

If reports are believed, the makers have approached Westworld fame James Marsden for the role of Stu Redman. The Stand’s protagonist figure, Redman is a blue-collar factory man who suddenly finds himself stuck in an awful situation while his exteriors are brutally damaged.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard from Aquaman will be portraying Nadine Cross on-screens. Nadine couldn’t resist her fidelity towards Randall Flagg, a Dark Man. Her unshakable loyalty towards the Dark creature often puts her into the most unnatural circumstances.

Stephen King's 'The Stand' recruits characters for upcoming mini-series

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Furthermore, Henry Zaga has been roped in to play Nick Andros. The young, deaf Andros risks his own life to ensure his other people are safe. Henry Zaga has previously showcased his acting skills in teen-drama, 13 Reasons Why.

Stephen King teases new ending for mini-series

Director Josh Boone, famous for his post-romantic epics involving Fault in Our Stars is overseeing directions, cuts, and edits in the new CBS All Access.
The ten-hour long mini-series is going to get you some goosebumps; you won’t be forgetting for the rest of your lives. The Stand proves to be one of the most eccentric and profound works of Stephen King.

While we may not overlook the biggest spur here; Stephen King has himself teased a new, renovated ending for the show’s finale. If you are a King-Phillies fan, you’ll probably recall King printing another expanded version of The Stand with 500 additional page ending.

Stephen King The Stand recruits characters for upcoming mini-series

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While we may not guesstimate firmly about the show’s enthralling end scenes, we know if Stephen King does something, he does it well.

The Stand enfolds around a grief-stricken town where rat plague has wiped out the 99 percent of the population. Meanwhile, the survivors have a choice to make- a choice between good and evil; god and demon. The horror-thriller then explores human psychology and contradictions based on our indifferent paths are taken.

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