Stranger Things season 3 takes us back to the eighties

Stranger Things season 3 takes us back to the eighties

The Stranger Things season 3 Netflix series was all about the twentieth century and we can’t keep calm. The critics claim that the eighties elements are overdone but that’s the beauty of it, they overdid back then.

Eight Best 1980’s Moments

Here are for you the eight best 1980’s moments in the Stranger Things season 3.

The hairspray of Farrah Fawcett: The viewers of Stranger Things have already witnessed the Farrah Fawcett hairspray. And we bet once seen you cannot unsee it. The hairspray was dynamic in the last season as well.

Stranger Things season 3 takes us back to the eighties

The hairspray of Farrah Fawcett,


The smoking room: Yes, back then restaurants and cafeterias had smoking room and that’s what Stranger Things season 3 presents vividly. An era where nobody knew about the phrase “smoking is injurious to health, smoking kills”. In fact, smoking was “cool”.

The Telephone extension: Do you remember picking up the extension in the other room, to irritate your elders. Feel old yet? It was back in the eighties telephone extensions were a common thing for every house. The scene with the telephone extension is shot at Mike’s house where is his mom asks him to pick up the other extension and never hangs up.

Orange Julius in the malls: kids these days don’t even know what an Orange Julius is and it ruled the markets back then. The series seems to remember and project all the right things.

The Glamour Shots: stranger things in its season 2 present glamour shots too. The scene was done via Eleven and Max. The iconic glamour shots were all people talked about in the nineties.

Another 80’s element was the pastel boombox: Known as the “ghetto blasters” it lets you play the classic cassettes that were only available in the eighties. Apart from that, it was also a radio.

Stranger Things season 3 takes us back to the eighties

The “ghetto blasters” – Boombox from the series.

Fashion: when you present a different era on the screens, its nothing but the fashion that tells you which era is this. The women in the eighties wore a lot of makeup. They wore Madonna inspired large bead earrings. The swimsuit style was extraordinary.

The old fashioned wagons: The series very vividly present for us the vehicles of the older time.

Stranger Things season 3: Best time to binge-watch

Stranger Things season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. It was released on the 4th of July. It’s the perfect time for you to binge watch the prior two seasons to get back in the race.

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