Stranger Things Season 4 Time Travel Theories: New Characters and Death Confirmed for the Fourth Installment

Stranger Things Season 4 Netflix Release Date

Stranger Things Season 4 will start filming soon and based on that new information about the plot are also coming out. The series announcement teaser was released just after Netflix aired the third season of Stranger Things. As the tagline says, ‘We are not in Hawkins anymore’, fans have started to speculate and come up with their own theories.

Here are some of the best Stranger Things season 4 time travel theories, and information about new characters joining the fourth installment and also predictions for the death of major characters.

Stranger Things Season 4: Time Travel Theories and New Characters

Stranger Things Season 4 Time Travel Theories and New Characters

Stranger Things Season 4 could involve time travel as it has been previously hinted many times in the show. The last season of Stranger Things ended with Hopper sacrificing his life to save everyone in Hawkins by closing the door between real and upside down world.

One of the theories suggests that Hopper could come back when the group travels back in time to the date of November 6, 1983, in Hawkins, Indiana where something big and mysterious happened. There are chances that the whole going back in time is to get Hopper and it results in the butterfly effect changing the present day in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

The creators of Stranger Things Duffer brothers revealed that they are looking for four male casts, three teenagers and one adult for the season 4 of the show. It indicates that several new characters will be joining the show and their roles are kept secret for the time.

Stranger Things Season 4: Major Characters to Die

Stranger Things Season 4 Major Characters to Die

Stranger Things season 4 creators and writers have hinted that some of the major characters will die in the next installment. When one of the fans asked the writers to describe the fourth season, they replied with a series of emojis having a clown, cowboy, infuriated, and skull emoticons.

Eleven, Dustin, Joyce, Mike, and Will are some of the main characters which could have a possible death in the next season to raise the stakes. Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1: ‘The Hellfire Club’ will premiere around December 2020 or January 2021 as the filming starts from January 2020.

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