Study says men prefer cats over women: Why?

Study says men prefer cats over women: Why?

Cat-chelors is the most recent slang for bachelors going to their cats for emotional support. A recent study has revealed a number of single men own a pet cat. Furthermore, one out of every four cat owners state, they don’t feel the pressure of being single in the company of their cats.

Men claim their cats can counsel-

Study says men prefer cats over women: Why?

Statistics reveal that 50% of men believe their cats help them stay calm.

More than thirty percent of the single men who were surveyed shared the decision to get a cat has been the best one so far.  About 29% of these men revealed, their furry friends are good to talk to. Also, the statistics revealed that 50% of men believe cats help them stay calm.

Well, the statistics are crazy. But, a number of surveys have even revealed, ten percent of cat owners shared, their cats are the best listener they’ve ever had. In fact, they have felt counseled after spending time with their kitties.

Men have shared they have come out of the trauma of an extremely emotional breakup, only because of their pets.

Cats are single men’s best friend

A number of men shared their stories and revealed cats offer amazing emotional support as long as we take proper care of them. One out of every four men believes, due to their feline friends, they come across as a rather compassionate person.

In fact, one out of every six men confessed, owning a cat has unquestionably helped them in getting more dates. These men have been so obsessed with their cat, that one out of every four men have cut their dates short if their date wasn’t a cat-lover.

The 34-year-old journalist at London, Basil Kronfli, confirmed himself as a cat-chelor. He shared people have always heard dogs are man’s best friends. But if one has a busy work schedule cats are much better pals for single men.


Study says men prefer cats over women: Why?

The statistics reveal about 76 percent of men take their pet cats to the veterinarians once a year for a check-up.

A number of men revealed, having a cat made them more responsible. After all cat ownership requires quite a few commitments, evacuating the litter tray, feeding or bathing.

Despite the major commitment, nine out of every ten men believe they have a better quality of life living with cats.

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