Succession season 2 encases real-life incidents in its script!

Succession season 2 encases real-life incidents in its script!

Sunday night brought a new wave of life for fans as Succession season 2 finally aired on HBO.  The Roy family New York battle has once again returned to captivate all its lovers. The family remains as dysfunctional as it’s infamous of being however the zingers sharpness might have escalated a bit! However, this is not the reason that made the show a hit among media moguls and billionaires.

The fact that skyrocketed its viewers list is the presence of true stories of real life power-players acting badly in the script. Yes, you read that right there are scenes that are actually ripped-out from headlines that you might have missed or longer remember!

Succession season 2 encases real-life incidents in its script!

Roy family is back to with its New-York style family battles
Source: HBO.com

Succession season 2 is back with much more real-life touch!

Now to make one thing clear not all things are just a copy-paste of real-life events in Succession season 2. High-level plagiarism is not Armstrong’s style you know! Plus they own writers for that job, who are paid for delivering the storyline of Succession season 2? Now why on earth will anyone pay you for a complete cut-copy-paste work?

However, the writers have made no secret of the work that they borrowed from real events. Some of the world’s most powerful family which includes Redstones, the Murdochs, the Windsors and Trumps have a small contribution towards the characteristics of the Roy Family.

A small glimpse of the first episode!

So the new iteration shows Kendall Roy still shocked and reminiscing the deadly events of last season. Soaked up in his sorrow and wallowing in his guilt he wanders the Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Resort. The healing and nourishing water of the place secured a position on the 25-wonders-of-the-world-list of National Geographic of 2012.

Succession season 2 encases real-life incidents in its script!

Source: HBO.com

The resorts healing water has been blessed with the toes of umpteen celebrities including Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian. Of course being a member of the Roy family accompanies certain perks in life. So Kendall is residing in the recently-finished 5 star hotel which asks its visitors $2,220 investment per night.

Well, that’s just the staying charges which does not include the cost of gourmet and reindeer that Kendall will order from the menu. So Succession season 2 kick start seems to pretty good. Let’s see what next is there to behold?

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