Suge Jacob Knight Jr. New Show ends controversy about Tupac Shakur’s death


In 2018, Suge Jacob Knight Jr. took to his Instagram, claiming that the famous death row artist, Tupac Shakur was alive and living in Malaysia. The son of the notorious death row prisoner Marion Suge Knight also revealed that Tupac was working on his new music projects.

In October of 2018, Suge Knight Jr played the world into a much-searched conspiracy that Tupac never died of gunshots in 1996. Moreover, Knight Jr also posted Tupac is Alive on his Instagram back then.

Furthermore, he continued posting, “He never left us” with a bunch of pictures of Tupac that was possibly photoshopped. However, the images showed Tupac posing with 50 Cent and Beyoncé.

He also claimed that Illuminati had kept Shakur in silence and were now behind him for “saying too much.” That was all that went down in 2018, but Suge Knight Jr. has further fueled the allegations even more.

Knight Jr’s Fresh Claims About Tupac Shakur

Suge Knight Jr. clarifies claims on Tupac's death

Suge Knight Jr. further added fuel to the controversy in January this year. He posted that Shakur was in the studio with upcoming music. Furthermore, he said that a Tupac Shakur also was looking for a producer to join hands within Pac’s project.

As of now, 23-year-old Suge Knight Jr. will set his foot on the new VH1 show Love and Listings. However, what fans want is for him to clear out his claims on the upcoming show. Further, they want to put an end to Tupac’s controversy.

Well. while his show’s promotion on Yahoo Entertainment hinted towards the fact that Tupac was dead. He continued to tease the fans with an unreleased matter of the dead Rapper.

Hereafter he adding spice to his claims he asked the audience to tune into his show to know more about deceased Rapper’s new music.

Suge Knight Jr.’s New ShowSuge Knight Jr. clarifies claims on Tupac's death

Suge Knight Jr. on Yahoo Entertainment did however ditched his claims on Tupac Shakur being alive. Well, he saved himself, saying that he did all this for a reason.

Moreover, he didn’t state the reason, but he did hint that his show Love & Listings does have the reasons people want to know about. On the show, Love and Listings, which will portray his career in the Los Angeles real estate game Suge Knight Jr. claims to be giving an insight into his life.

He further stated that the show also has a part where he will be seen toking to his Dad whose currently serving 28 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

The show, however, hits the screens on July 29. Moreover, since the show’s going to be packed with the answers to the long-existing conspiracy. It would be a good idea to tune in.

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