Suicide Squad bags in Storm Reid to cast alongside Idris Elba

Suicide Squad bags in Storm Reid to cast alongside Idris Elba

The Suicide Squad is getting another release next year. And there are shuffling of actors along with new casts. However, this time Storm Reid is joining the Suicide Squad team for there next release. This 16-year-old will play Idris Elba’s daughter for the follow-up release of Suicide Squad. This time Idris Elba will be playing a new character rather replacing Smith as Deadshot. So, Will Smith can later join the squad in the near future.

Storm Reid along with John Cena takes major character role

On a later note, what character will Idris Elba be playing is not known. Moreover, Harley Quinn performed by Margot Robbie is confirmed as the same character.

In addition, Captain Boomerang is capped by Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman will continue as Rick Flag whereas, Viola Davis as Amanda Walker. Now, these characters will continue the same position as performed earlier. And Will Smith’s character as Deadshot is hanged from the franchise for the time being.

Suicide Squad bags in Storm Reid to cast alongside Idris Elba

John Cena to join the force as Peacemaker in next Suicide Squad
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The new Suicide Squad Sequel will also cast new characters for the movie. John Cena, former WWE champion will make an entry into the DC comics. He is assumed to play alongside Daniela Melchior as a rat-catcher.

A new character rat-catcher is introduced in the movie and will be played by a woman. However, the original comics narrated the character as a man and is a big enemy of batman. But, as making a connection with Elba’s character, it is decided to make a woman character for rat-catcher.

The next sequel for Suicide Squad is under production

Producer, Peter Safran claimed that the new Suicide Squad movie will be a “total reboot”. Though every detail is under the hood for now, while shooting is being spotted near Atlanta. This movie contains a total of new characters and new scripts. Therefore, it is not a sequel for the Suicide Squad but a whole new movie, Producer claims.

Suicide Squad bags in Storm Reid to cast alongside Idris Elba

Storm Reid in her 2018 movie “A wrinkle of time”
Credits: Hollywood Reporter

Thus, Storm Reid’s entry into the movie is making great news over the internet. She previously made her appearance in “A wrinkle of Time”, making a great performance. Before getting into the movie she will appear in her next project “The Invisible Man”.

NEWS: Storm Reid joins The Suicide Squad from DC_Cinematic

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