Korean Pop Idol Sulli pregnant? Rumors swirl after the hospital visit

Sulli Pregnancy rumor swirls After Hospital Visit

It has become so usual and ordinary for celebrities to be chased around like culprits of some fallout. Even when they are all clean without specks of rumor dirt, somehow people manage to cough some upon them. Sulli’s life has been under scrutiny for media person since her child debuts.

Far enough of gossips regarding her secret marriage, she’s now under charges to have a baby inside her womb. Yes, people are calling her pregnant after her recent check-up visit to a hospital.

It might sound weird to you, but celebrities are constantly under watches and criticisms for every ounce step they take.

Swipe on to read details about Sulli’s life.

Sulli and pregnancy rumors

Her pregnancy rumors first swirled after she paid a visit to a gynecologist while receiving a regular health check-up. Sulli couldn’t have thought in her worst nightmares that a regular check-up can trick people to believe she’s actually pregnant, particularly without any current spouse.

Sulli Pregnancy rumor swirls After Hospital Visit

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Sulli disclosed details about her gyneo visit on July 19th episode of  ‘Night of Hate Comments.’

She further hustled on to reveal that she was very sick during the time-being and only her staff-members advised a doctor visit. Although, her checkup reports were completely normal and doctors could not detect the sickening cause.

However, it was her regular physician who referred Sulli for an obstetrics and gynaecology examination. And then, the rest is history.

You quite know, what may have happened next.

I was really hurt by I was very ill so I went to the hospital. I received a full checkup but they couldn’t find the cause.

How did she make through?

Far away from being a doting follower, we have developed ourselves into pathetic stalkers with zero moral compass and ironically, no goodness or fellow-feeling.

Furthermore, she revealed that someone from the hospital staff member clicked Sulli with her gyno chart and leaked them in the media.

I would think, hoe far people can go for two ounces of money or shear publicity. Even if Sulli is a celebrity, no one on earth has a right to advertise her private stuff on social media. Our two second of opinion formation can evoke a lifetime fear of camera and depression to our most beloved celebrities.

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And I need not to divulge good names of these unfortunate humans, you may have known them well in past times.


It has happened before, a lot of times where I was stunted at hospitals.  They do not and can never respect your privacy.

-Sulli during ‘Night of Hate Comments’

You go, Sulli!

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