Summerfest finally comes to an end with a star studded line-up

Summerfest finally comes to an end on July 7

Nonetheless, Summerfest has come to an end with today’s eve. But it’s still difficult for us to let the vibe go away. The Big Gig has ended on an extravagant note. Every day during Summerfest, the radio channels and FMs were full of show highlights. They worked round the clock to share every minute detail of the big show.

Indeed, the fest lapped to another height, this year with many celebrated stars, highlighting Summerfest. Meanwhile, the eve’s lineup featured names like Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, Strumbellas, Snoop Dogg, Jason Mraz, Dispatch, Rodrigo y Gabriela and many more.

Here is a brief sneak-peak into the day.

7:30 PM: Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Schoolboy Q at Amphitheater

Although the year’s been hectic for Lil Wayne, he took no time to make his way through Summerfest 2019. Lil Wayne created an unconventional line-up for the Summerfest, with rap legend Snoop Dogg and Schoolboy Q.

People went nuts after appreciating to his  ‘Tha Carter V’ and ‘Uproar’ beats. Wayne has spawned the reputation of a club banger with his song, Uproar this year.  It was enthralling to watch the same original beats performed by your favorite reclusive artist, live.

9:45 PM: Marcus Doucette and Rodrigo y Gabriela at Warehouse of Uline

As soon as the pair climbed the stage, they manifested an aura of serenity. The synergy was terrific and mesmerizing. Their chemistry has the power to attract, even the most nuisance brats and make them feel the beats.

Summerfest finally comes to an end on July 7

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The two were later joined by Sego. Although, the name ain’t as popular as Wayne and Dispatch. But the band is born with raw talent in their veins. The band was rich in blending early ’90s rhymes with 2019’s strong bass and harmonies.

 Strumbellas at 10 PM

The Indo-Canadian band captivated the audience’s attention and applauds through fusing traditional folk music with emo.  They certainly make every song feel like the sun’s warmth in cold nights. Yes, so relishing and relieving, their songs were to the audience.

The fest progressed further with Dispatch erecting lore through their hip-hop beats mixed with pop and root music. The weather was calm; the bass, electrifying.

Meijer, the main sponsor and Summerfest together mark the last day as the Fan Appreciation Day. To hallow their guests, the hosts admitted people into the Summerfest grounds without charging them, from noon to 3 PM.

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