Supernatural: Jensen Ackles still not over from 15 seasons hangover

Supernatural: Jensen Ackles still not over from 15 seasons hangover

It’s going to be a wrap for Supernatural and the decade-long crew, with this year’s season closure. However, the crew is still left with some climax episodes to shoot for, they are crafting goodbyes for their audience and fellow members on set.

Supernatural cast reveals future plans

Supernatural: Jensen Ackles still not over from 15 seasons hangover

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The ‘goodbye’ scenes are quite rolling on the surface this time. All former and lead cast joined the Supernatural’s production team at this year’s Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday.

The cast answered a ton of questions, thrown during the press tour. When asked about the end credit scenes of Supernaturals Season 15, Jensen Ackles’ reactions were unexpected and startling. He wanted the ending to make more sense, to defend uproars the show has incorporated in last fourteen and a half years.

Dean Winchester fame Ackles further ambushed the script-writers by commenting;

It’s been a long journey of fifteen years and I don’t think it is ever going to be over. I do not want to just go away with the flow for a while. I hope it’s going to feel good and just hit right.

Season 15 spoiler updates;

Undeniably, the Winchester brothers’ story has given all of us with some major thriller goals since past 15 years. Abruptly limping upon a conclusion, that’s not even going to match with the show timeline looks disastrous and ruining.

Meanwhile, rumors for a Supernatural universe revival have been swirling around the days, the show first discussed the post-credit scenes.
When asked about a Supernatural returning, Ackles had the wittiest reply for his audience;

I think we’re just going to go away for a while being. I don’t know How long would it be. As far as my returns are concerned, I will never close down doors for something new. So if there are any up-chances, what’s the harm in having an open conversation.

Keeping in mind the upcoming season, executive producer Andrew Dabb has dropped some cliff-hanging details about S15 plots. The new series shall start from the point, it was left off during Season 14’s enthralling finale where the heroes were seen ‘surrounding zombies.’

Meanwhile, you may expect some cameo appearances from Ackles and Danneel’s real life wives during the climax ends.
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