Supernatural season 15 revival insight by cast and crew!

Supernatural season 15 revival insight by cast and crew!

Supernatural fans are well aware of the bitter-sweet, however mostly bitter news that season 15 is going to be its finale season. Marking the inevitable end of Supernatural its 15th season promises several twists and unimaginable content. While fans are busy speculating how the guys will escape from their Zombie imprisonment, fever of the next iteration knows no bound. However, the cast and producers gave a little relief to the tensed audience by offering a subtle insight of the series. Know what they said about the forth-coming season here!

Supernatural season 15 revival insight by cast and crew!

Just wait for the series tpo start!
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Supernatural season 15 promises many unexpected!

As the producers and cast adorned the stage of Television Critics Association press of 2019 topic of finale season was bound to surface. Knowing pre-hand about the impending question bank that is bound to explode at their appearance, the cast and crew seemed quite prepared.

Teasing the audience while offering a neatly presented heart-attack on a silver platter for many. The season 15 of Supernatural will begin exactly were the last iteration ended ie.. with a zombie massacre.

The co-showrunner even disclosed that the season will witness the appearance of several people from past. Clearly stating that both the expected and the unexpected guests will make an appearance to bid their adieus.

What the show holds for Dean and Sam this time?

Supernatural season 15 revival insight by cast and crew!

Supernatural season 15 is going to be the best!
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The show will once again make the lives of Dean and Sam vacillate between life and death. However, as stated by the cast and crew this time its gonna be for real! Like no touch and run game with death! It will be a proper face to face combat and who knows who will win!

Misha Collins shared the experience that they all faced and enjoyed on their sure-to-be last shootings. It was different for them all because each day something or the other happened for the last time. However this closing-the-chapter effect brought more meaning and life to things!

As of now things are tried to be served in hidden, veiled sentences that reveal half-concealing. So let’s see what the season 15 of Supernatural brings for us all!

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