Sweeping Plan of UK: Google and Facebook can be Penalised for Harmful Content

The Sweeping Plans of UK are all unveiled: Google and Facebook can be Penalised for Harmful Content

On Sunday, the British regulators revealed a landmarks proposal with the sole intention to penalize Google, Facebook and other giants. They call it the Sweeping Plan.

When the technology is taken into consideration for the spreading of the harmful content online marked as a major threat for the industry. Content might be whatever the users say as well as they share.

The Sweeping Plan

The aggression and the latest sweeping plan drafted by the leading authorities of the protection of the customer interest in the United Kingdom. This was blessed by Prime Minister Theresa May ad this targets a wide range of the web contents. Some of the most concerned topics are like those of the false news circulations, child exploitation, extreme violence, and terrorist activity.

The Sweeping Plans of UK: Google and Facebook can be Penalised for Harmful Content

If this has the approval of the Parliament of the United Kingdom then the watchdogs would be empowered enough to issue the fines and other kinds of patients. This is done he social media is not going to remove those particular posts, photos or videos.

The logic behind this plan

Their point is that the public view is definitely something that is toxic for the people. These posts must be kept far from the vision of the public.

Top officials of the UK said that they would amount the world’s leading laws. It is done so that the UK can be made the safest place. No exposure to absurd news or things that can cause some bad impact on society as well.

This is done in order to safeguard the public interests and the misunderstanding amongst the people. These are being easily created by the people who often do not come from and are the real culprits.

The harmful content is now seriously one of the major technique which is leading to many mishaps. This needs to be stopped as it has been high time for that.

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