Pokemon Sword and Shield: New Pokemon, locations, trailer and controversy

Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer released showing new Pokemons and locations

The Pokemon franchise is ready to release Generation 8 which is known as “Pokemon Sword and Shield”. It is as exciting as because the game is primarily developed for Nintendo Switch. However, Pokemon Sword and Shield is so intriguing for fans because it won’t be covering every Pokemon in the game. From June, plenty of new items were discussed, from Dynamax to Gigamax transformation.

Sword and Shield releases new trailer covering new Pokemon and plenty other things

Credits: Polygon

Pokemon Sword and Shield: New Pokemon and locations

On July 8, a new trailer of the game went online by Nintendo revealed a set of four new Pokemon. Moreover, the game is based on an international location known as Galar.

The previous generation location carried as four in Japan, and later 3 generations were completed in New York, France and Hawaii. The trailer looks somewhat of British cities with a depiction of British Countryside.

Pokemon has changed since 1996, but there are some components which haven’t. Just like you need to choose between fire, grass and water Pokemon.

The three Pokemon Scorbunny, Sobble and the little one Grookey are well developed in the trailer. And there comes the Pokemon Sword and Shield legendary Pokemon – Zacian and the Zamazenta.

This two wolf Pokemon, out of which one carries a sword while other is half-wolf and shield. However, everything was made clear during the initial release date of the game in June. While fans were skeptical about getting every Pokemon from the Sword and Shield dynasty.

Sword and Shield releases new trailer covering new Pokemon and plenty other things

The legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta
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New features added

In the beginning, Pokemon Sword and Shield gives a Pokedox which contains details of Pokemon available for that region. After that, when a player completes a part of the game, he is introduced to the national Pokemon.

Therefore, it will allow covering each and every Pokemon from the previous games. Unfortunately, the game won’t promote such things but only Galar region Pokemon will be available.

Sword and Shield releases new trailer covering new Pokemon and plenty other things

The Gigantamax Alcremie from the revealed trailer
Credits: Eurogamer

This time, the game will enforce the introduction of two new features. Firstly, Dynamaxing will allow Pokemon to increase its size. And the other, Gigantamaxing will hopefully give an extra layer of special depth combat. While not many details are out for now from the trailer released.

Another set of new Pokemon is made up of whipped cream and coal. The Alchemist and Rolycoly are the two which is joining the force. While both can eventually turn themselves into the new feature of Gigantamaxing and Dynamaxing. Thus, the game is scheduled to release on November 19.

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