Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Wedding Rumors: Is the couple going for a low-key wedding?

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It has been three years since the celebrity couple started dating. Several opine that the relationship is eventually likely to end in marriage. Meanwhile, one tabloid claimed that the couple is already in plans for a low-key wedding.

taylor swift and joe alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: Are they keeping the wedding a secret?

It has been quite some since the couple went on their first date. However, the Grammy winner has chosen to keep her romance away from the limelight, leaving her fans wondering about the couple’s future.

Star magazine has reported that the couple has decided to tie the knot in private.

“Neither of them wants to wait to have a formal ceremony,” claimed an unnamed insider. “Taylor and Joe are in this together, and this is what they want. They’re very excited.”

The tabloid’s report was accompanied by a photo of the couple walking hand-in-hand captioned “low-key vows!”

The photo seemed to suggest Swift and Alwyn’s plans to elope for their future family.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: The ground reality

Gossip Cop has dismissed the claims of the couple’s plan of a low-key wedding.

The rumor-debunking site highlighted Star magazine’s questionable reputation. Star had made a similar claim last year which was proven false.

The tabloid also claimed in April that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are racing to see who gets married first.

It further added that Taylor Swift “won’t be able to live with herself if her wedding is outdone by Katy.”

Once very close friends, Taylor and Katy had a falling out back in 2014. Swift asserted that the “Roar” singer attempted to sabotage her area tour.

However, they ended their feud in 2019 when they gave each other a hug and also dressed as a carton of French fries and a hamburger for “You Need To Calm Down,” Taylor Swift’s star-studded music video.

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