Taylor Swift calls Scooter Braun a manipulative bully

Taylor Swift calls Scooter Braun a manipulative bully in her scathing post.
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Taylor Swift is quite heartbroken on knowing that Scooter Braun now owns her catalogue. She has lamented and questioned the sale to the mogul. Ravaging and crushed, Taylor Swift takes a blast on Braun through her scorching Tumblr post. She pens herself as sad and grossed out after knowing her music now belongs to a manipulative bully.

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Taylor Swift slams Scooter Braun

Sunday came down as a terrible shock to Taylor Swift. The sales masters of the singer, Big Machine Label Group has bowed down to Braun’s Ithaca Holdings Sunday. The Braun’s agency has acquired Taylor Swift’s label. Pointing all of Swift’s studio album rights will now belong to the mogul’s company.

Taylor Swift have had in the same circumstances before when she walked out of Big Machine and signed with Universal in earlier November. She was sure the re-signing would only mean a seclusion from owning of her own future work.

She leaped in her tumblr post as:

When I left my masters in Scott Borchetta’s hands(owner of Big Machine Music Label)  I eventually made peace with he selling them all.  But I never even imagined in the worst nightmares that the buyer would be Scooter.

She accused Braun of being a manipulative bully. Taylor Swift, then surfaces down some serious allegations on the tycoon. In words of Taylor, Braun got with Justin Bieber and one other client to bully her for a leaked call with Kardashian.

She also imputes blames on West for supporting Braun. West is reported to have organized a “revenge porn music video.” The video shows Taylor stripping down her body for being naked.

My legacy is going to lie in hands of a person who tried to earlier dismantle it.

Braun’s wife reverts to Taylor’s accusations through an Instagram post

Taylor Swift calls Scooter Braun a manipulative bully in her scathing post.

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While, Braun did not utter a word about the mishap. Braun’s wife comes out to the media for his rescue.

 Yael Braun has slammed Swift on Instagram for putting on some false accusations on her husband. She calls her husband as someone, who has always stood up for people.

Meanwhile, she rebukes Taylor Swift for knowing everything about the shares and deal. Yet, she silenced at the time and is now coming out for exhorting pity from public.

She openly challenges Taylor Swift to come out and have a “private” talk to her, anytime.
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