Taylor Swift Pregnancy Rumors: Folklore album hints that the Singer will have a Baby soon


Taylor Swift recently released her right album titled Folklore. This time the Love Story singer did not drop any Easter eggs before the release of her latest album.

However, Swift’s album’s lyrics are full of clues and hints. Recently, in an interview, Taylor revealed that she has included story lines, arcs and characters in the sixteen tracks which are a part of the album. There is also a bonus single for her fans.

After the release of the album, the Swifties started decoding all the Easter eggs hidden in the album. Several theories have sparked shock and surprise among the fans. Revealing the names of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s kids in Folklore could be an indication to something big.

Many Swifties have concluded that the Cardigan singer is set to make a huge announcement soon. It could possibly be about a pregnancy or wedding.

Why fans came to the conclusion that Taylor Swift is pregnant?

The fifteenth track of the album is called Peace. Fans think that the lyrics point towards her pregnancy. The lyrics say,

And you know that I’d swing with you for the fences/ Sit with you in the trenches/ Give you my wild, give you a child.

It was also observed by the fans that the singer has not posted many pictures recently. even when she does, she id mostly wearing loose and baggy clothes. Is she hiding the belly bump?

The Big Announcement on 7 August

The Blank Space singer is set to drop a huge news come 7th August. Many are speculating that it may be about her engagement to Joe Alwyn, while others believe it will be about the alleged pregnancy rumors going around.

Some believe that the announcement may be related to tracks Seven and August.

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