Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors: Baby on the Way, Mother’s Cancer and Jealousy with Co-Stars

Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors: Singer Rushing for a Marriage after Expecting Baby with Joe Alwyn
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Taylor Swift’s wedding rumors have always made the headlines in the tabloids and gossip columns with a new twist to the story every week. There are now reports claiming that the singer is expecting a baby with boyfriend Joe Alwyn and it is why they are rushing for a marriage.

As per the ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine report, Swift is hiding a baby bump and will soon tie the knot with Alwyn before things get out to the world. The COVID-19 quarantine has brought Taylor and Joe very closer and they are ready to take the big step. Here is more on Taylor Swift wedding rumors and the possible truth behind the singer expecting a baby and rushing marriage with Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are Rushing Marriage after Expecting a Baby

Taylor Swift is lately wearing heavy coats and loose dresses as she is hiding a baby bump. The tabloid further adds that Swift is trying to disguise a baby bump and she might have secretly tied the knot with Joe Alwyn. The couple always wanted a low-key wedding and they might have done it already and there will be a bigger function for friends very soon. Taylor and Joe wants to welcome their baby as wife and husband, which is why it is important for them to get married before the due date.

Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

Taylor Swift wedding rumors are totally fake and they have been debunked many times before. The tabloids keep making any false stories about Taylor and Joe, and somehow turn that into a wedding rumor.

There was a report in ‘In Touch’ magazine that claimed Taylor Swift’s mother is dying of cancer and she wants to walk down the aisle in her presence.

Whereas the ‘National Enquirer’ magazine says that Swift and Alwyn got so closer in the quarantine that they decided to get married before things get ugly.

At the most recent, ‘OK!’ magazine reported that Taylor is jealous of Joe working with other actresses and wants to get married before he loses her boyfriend to someone else. We would remind fans that all these rumors have been cleared out and they should not believe in any such fake news.

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