Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors: Singer fears Breakup with Joe Alwyn over Marriage Delay

Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors- Singer fears Breakup with Joe Alwyn over Marriage Delay

Taylor Swift wedding rumors have been making headlines in the tabloids with the claim that the singer wants to rush her wedding. There are multiple reports saying that Taylor wants to get married to Joe Alwyn as soon as possible because she fears things might go wrong.

The Bad Blood singer is worried that Joe will break up with her if their marriage gets delayed again. Swift and Alwyn had planned a Summer wedding but things have to be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are more details on Taylor Swift wedding rumors and the possible truth behind the Joe Alwyn breakup reports.

Taylor Swift wants to rush Marriage with Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift wants to rush Marriage with Joe AlwynΒ 

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn can’t wait to get married anymore and they would even settle for a simple wedding. The Country singer just wants to be at the alter with her actor boyfriend and tie the knot without any delays. Some of the sources claim that Taylor is even ready to have a Zoom wedding with Joe where they will stream everything live to their friends and families.

Taylor Swift is worried that she and Joe Alwyn might break up if they prolong the relationship without any solid commitment. It is why Swift is rushing with the wedding and she doesn’t want to wait a single more day.

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Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

Taylor Swift Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

Taylor Swift wedding rumors are not true and they have been debunked already. Taylor and Joe are not rushing their wedding, the couple is not even engaged yet and hence marriage plans don’t make any sense.

Most of the tabloids are just using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to claim that the couple’s wedding has been delayed. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are not getting married anytime soon as they don’t even have any wedding plans.

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