Teen Mom fame Amber Portwood booked for Domestic Violence

'Teen Mom' Fame Amber Portwood booked for Domestic Violence

Amber Portwood from MTV’s Teen Mom OG has been charged for domestic assault. Her anonymous live-in partner has inculpated Portwood for allegedly thrashing him while he carried their child. She’s currently under police custody. Swipe up, to know more about Amber Portwood and her misconduct.

Amber Portwood gets charged for domestic battery

'Teen Mom' Fame Amber Portwood booked for Domestic Violence

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After headlining newspapers for her commercial role in Teen Mom spin-offs, Amber Portwood has once again fetched attention for a truly kick-ass reason. The  Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has booked Amber Portwood for domestic battery against her boyfriend.

It was Just right after 3:00 a.m. on 7.5.2019 when someone called us to  [address] referencing a disturbance. We spoke to the victim who accused her live-in-girlfriend for allegedly assaulting him while they were having a disagreement.

The officials arrested Portwood right away after recording his statement. It is still unclear if Amber Portwood has been bailed out of the police custody. Not to mention that the media-persons haven’t identified any Portwood’s attorney, crossing the police station.

Unfortunately, Portwood’s records have not helped her much in the case. She has previously served a 17 months sentence for scourging her ex Gary Shirley. Amber shares a 10-year old daughter, Leah from Shirley.

Portwood and her repetitive mental  disorders

Amber Portwood has never been in her right senses, I say, never ever. Besides for throwing tantrums on absolutely everything, she has been under grips of substance addiction for years.

Her struggles didn’t stop here. She’s the one, who has been bothered most by online trolls and smashes. Amber Portwood has never stayed with a normal lifestyle. Furthermore, she allegedly puts blame on the online trolls for her deteriorating mental health. And that’s maybe her cost to the overnight fame, she’s been enjoying for long.

They can’t accept  that I have postpartum. They just criticize me for my parenting. I just can’t bear what it felt because I’d never experienced that before.

She further lashed on the Teen Mom OG makers for ruining her name and image. Portwood holds the show liable for her collapsing mental health.

 I just happen to be on a  show with a real mental illness. I feel horrible when they call me a bad mom every day. This show has ruined me, my name and everything. This show has not shown my real sides, my funnier sides. They  show how bad I am as a mom, they show the struggle, they show me crying, they show my postpartum. So I go, okay, because this is going on in my life and I guess that’s true. I’m over it.

~An excerpt from Portwood’s candid interview

Portwood, just know you cannot be good in everyone’s story. And thankfully, you need not to be one. For online bullies, the least I can request is to have some compassion for people down with their mental issues.

Coming back to the incident, the officials haven’t revealed the victim’s name to media. Although, Amber Portwood has been reportedly dating Andrew Glennon for past two years. They met in 2017 and eventually fell for each other. Amber Portwood has a 2-year old son, James from Glennon.

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