Teen Vogue: People demand the magazine to be sacked for Promoting Child Prostitution

Teen Vogue Must be Sacked for Promoting Child Prostitution
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People have been misinterpreting feminism for decades.  They impose their own skewed ideologies in name of promoting equal rights for two genders. And this time, the lines have been crossed not by an extremist liberal but a well-civilized adult doctor, Tlaleng Mofokeng.

Comp, the doctor is the second gender. She is a female.

We are not making a fuss; the issue is “real” and calls strict actions

Teen Vogue Must be Sacked for Promoting Child Prostitution

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Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng is a sexologist and also the decorated founder of Nalane Reproductive Justice. She has penned down an “extremely disgusting” article for Teen Vogue that prompts vulnerable kids to take up prostitution as a full-time work. She has even coined prostitution as “real work” to her audience and in the meantime, drew outrage from country people. The backlash was obvious- the magazine fired the “misogynistic” article towards 13-year-old girls.

Teen Vogue article surfaced on Twitter with the subject of “Why Sex Work Is Real Work. Teen Vogue magazine published the original article in April but voluntary re-tweeted the article out again on June 17.

In her piece, the lady doctor argues of some perversive reasons for decriminalizing sex work across nations. Besides, the governments should lift the ban for ensuring better labor rights for women.

The outlawed sex work is a form of violence by sexist governments contributing to high levels of stigma and discrimination attached to prostitution.

I guess, the liberal author is not very much acquainted with recent records of consensual prostitution and sex-trafficking. I really don’t see anyone among us, biting a bullet out of passion or hobby.

Yes, sex work is real work: Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue Must be Sacked for Promoting Child Prostitution

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She has rather outlined the work of a sex worker being similar to that of a medical professional. Also, to her line of logic, treating someone’s sex issues are the same as performing sexual acts with them. If both the acts include a transfer of cash, then why the latter is yet decriminalized.

I must appreciate the writer for her sadist humour. Because, no one, I say no educated woman, in her right head, would dare to use such salacious reasons to promote prostitution among young children.

The article is written and published in an era, where young women are performing exceptionally well in their professional areas. Granted that, they are even taking up jobs that are solely meant for men. The petticoats are doing the best they can, even surpassing the pants.

And, under such humanistic and gender-free environment, who on earth would be choosing to sell her body out to random guys on streets, out of her will, just to earn few bucks?

Can you purchase love? The author answers it all;

Teen Vogue Must be Sacked for Promoting Child Prostitution

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Mofokeng has glorified sex work in her article with some baseless evidence. For her, sex-worker is (much) the same as an intimate companion that can also offer someone the gifts of nonsexual role-playing, escorting, dancing and stripping as well. Likewise, she has advised the sex workers to build an “emotional and psychological relationship” with every person, they offer their services to.

Tlaleng should be aborted to medical treatment for her chauvinistic attitude towards the second gender. Being a reputed sexologist, she must be choosing her words after careful considerations.

Moreover, the article sidelined the much graver issues of moral trafficking and forced prostitution. The piece focused on something, that’s rare and dispensable.

We hope the author shall not be authoring future article with the same prejudiced approach.

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