Teleportation Device Invented? Patent claims that Full body Teleportation will be Possible soon

Teleportation Device Invented? Patent suggest that Full body Teleportation will be Possible soon

Teleportation is something we have only seen in sci-fi movies or books, but its real-life application is very complex. However, there is a new patent submitted for a full body teleportation system that claims to transport a human being through hyperspace from one location to another.

John St. Clair is the name of the inventor that has submitted that teleportation device patent and here are more details on the claims that teleportation will be possible soon.

Teleportation Device Patent Submitted on Google Patents

Teleportation Device Patent Submitted on Google Patents

Here is the summary of the teleportation device patent submitted by John St. Clair who claims to teleport human beings through his machine.

It is the object of this invention to teleport a human being from one location to another by creating a pulsed gravitational wave traveling through hyperspace that asymmetrically compresses and expands the quantum wells of the human energy being. This spacetime curvature distortion of the hyperspace quantum wells pulls the physical body out of dimension such that the human being is teleported along with the wave.

As the pulsed wave moves on past the quantum wells, the human is brought back into dimension at some distant location. The invention requires (1) a device that will generate a wormhole between space and hyperspace, and (2) a device that will generate a gravitational wave which can be inserted through the wormhole.

 Is Teleportation actually Possible? Is Teleportation actually Possible?

While teleportation seems to be possible in theory, its application in real life is quite complex to achieve. There are no devices that can generate controlled wormholes or gravitational waves at this moment and hence it is not possible for the patent to be converted into a product. Also, even if somehow a teleportation device is created, the biggest hurdle is that the human body won’t survive the extreme conditions.

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