Terminator Dark Fate Ending Explained: James Cameron Hints on Dark Fate Sequel Possibilites

Terminator Dark Fate Ending Explained

Terminator Dark Fate has received mixed reviews but so far fans of the original Terminator series are happy to have their favorite character back. Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool 2 was helmed the keys to this Terminator installment and he decided to carry forward the story of T2: Judgement day.

There were so many twists and turns in Dark Fate movie that it was hard to catch up with so many timelines, and the ending was very confusing. Hence, we have explained the ending of Terminator: Dark Fate in detail and how it relates to more sequel as hinted by producer James Cameron.

Terminator Dark Fate: What Happens in the End?

Terminator Dark Fate Climax Explained

The movie focuses on an older Sarah Connor played by Linda Hamilton who reluctantly takes up the job of saving protect Dani (Nataliya Reyes) with the help of cyborg Grace (Mackenzie Davis) and the older Terminator who is once again played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the latest installment. As the story of Terminator: Dark Fate moves forward, a new Terminator model named the Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) attacks and the group and they fight back.

When all hope is lost, Dani uses herself as a bait to make an EMP pulse from the power source of Grace’s robotic body parts to kill the Rev-9. With a lot of struggle and the sacrifice from Carl (Arnold Terminator), the Rev-9 is killed and even Grace dies in the process. The last scene is Sarah and Dani watching over a child Grace and vows to protect her this time.

Terminator has always Skynet and the Human Resistance fighting over and every time the humans win, they send another machine and Judgement Day just resets. It means that the same thing is bound to repeat once again with Grace being the new savior of the future.

Will there be Terminator Dark Fate Sequel?

Terminator Dark Fate Sequel Details

Terminator Dark Fate ending can be taken as a conclusive story and at the same time, there is an open path to take it forward with more adventures of Sarah and Dani. James Cameron, the producer of Dark Fate and director of the first two Terminator movies have said that there are plans in motion for more Terminator sequels. As for continuing the story from the latest movies, every Terminator movie is sort of a soft reboot and hence it won’t be a problem.

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