Thanksgiving Day 2019: Flights Cancelled Because of Bad Weather

Flight Cancelled Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving Day 2019 was one that all families in the US were looking forward to so that they can spend some family time together. However, there will be some families which will be left disappointed and heartbroken because some flights have been cancelled due to bad weather. This is a bummer on most days but is a huge disappointment especially during the Holiday Season because many people tend to come home to celebrate this festival and this would just wreck their plans. Here’s a closer look at this:

Thanksgiving 2019 Flights Cancelled

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Thanksgiving Day 2019 Ruined Because of Cancelled Flights?

This is particularly about those flying in or out of Minnesota or Illinois as strong winds along with heavy snowfall have resulted in many flights being cancelled. The weather department had issued a prior warning of two big storms approaching around this time and as a result, almost 1189 international and domestic flights have been delayed and over 100 flights have been cancelled too!

Thanksgiving Flights Cancelled 2019

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The worst-hit of the lot are passengers flying in or out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. as over 20 flights have been cancelled here. A storm in the region resulted in 11 inches of snow in Waseca, Minnesota, and National Weather Service has reported that this is a record amount of precipitation!

How Long will the Bad Weather Last?

Thanksgiving Day 2019 Flights Cancelled

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As of this writing, the impact of the storm still persists and a number of flights flying in and out of the region have been called off. Thanksgiving Day 2019 has officially been ruined for a number of travellers but it is expected to get better over the next 48 hours.

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