The 100 Recap: Sanctum’s dark secret is revealed

The 100 Recap: Sanctum’s dark secret is revealed
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The 100 is an American Science Fiction Drama series first debuted on March 19, 2014, on The CW. The show has completed 5 seasons so far. It is set in the dystopian era where a nuclear war has killed the entire civilization. Nine years later, 100 young criminals from the remaining survivors are sent back to earth.

The 100 Recap: Sanctum’s dark secret is revealed

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Each season brings more dilemmas and more battles for the fans. Their favourite characters are put through challenges that seem impossible to overcome. After the premiere of season 6, no one asked this simple question: “What is the naming ceremony exactly?”

It would have been easier for them if they had any idea about what Sanctum really is. However, there is no way to alter the past.

The 100’ Sanctum’s dark secret explained

Jordan recently learns about the Naming Ceremony after spending the night with Delilah. He reveals that he feels bad for leaving his parents to go to the cryopod. On the other hand, two motorcyclists pull up near Diyoza’s campfire. They make her an offer which she has to follow.

Meanwhile, in the Sanctum, the doctor checks Clarke and Delilah who claims that she has recovered from poisoning. After the mid half of the episode, things heat up between Hot Doctor and Clarke, and they go back to the Doctor’s room.

The 100 recap: Sanctum’s dark secret is revealed

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The next day, Delilah wakes up to find weird sketches in the Doctor’s book. She becomes suspicious and tries to make her way out of his room. But he gets her on time and blows darts her with a paralytic agent.

Russell’s guards make their way into doctor’s room and see Clarke unconscious. The doctor kills himself by slitting his throat. He also states, “Death to Primes.” Clarke is taken to the palace where Russell explains about “Naming Ceremony”. Tears start to roll down her face when Russell’s wife approaches her.

She realizes that they erase the host’s mind and implant the former Prime’s brain. The people Sanctum have been using the bodies of the other people to stay alive. Nobody knew that Primes are immortal. Check out blocktoro.com for more.

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