The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown not getting engaged?


Hannah Brown is the first-ever Bachelorette who did not have her happy endings with her first impression rose recipient. However, seems like she will break free from another one of the show’s ritual as well.

Fans have been alleging that Hannah Brown’s in no mood to end up engaged on the season. The 24-year-old Pageant Queen has been persistently telling ET that she won’t get engaged if it didn’t feel the right thing to her.

Further, we had Hannah Brown tell about how she’s got her heartbroken this season when Chris Harrison spoke about not planning a proposal as yet.

Rumours of the season

Hannah Brown to not get engaged at the Bachelorette's finale

Hannah Brown will choose from the final two picks, Tyler Cameron and Jed Hyatt. However, Jed’s been called out by her ex Haley Stevens on currently being in a relationship with her.

Moreover, the fans were aware before the scandal that Hannah was falling for Wyatt but after the big revelation, the thing might just change. Yet if she decides to be with Wyatt, a happy engagement is nowhere in the promo.

Decoding the Finale teaser

Hannah Brown to not get engaged at the Bachelorette's finale

The promo in the Monday’s episode took us back into Arie Luyendyk Jr’s break up with his last pick, Becca Kufrin. And at the end of the live finale on Monday Harrison is seen questioning Hannah if she got her happy ending. But it happens just before he even brings Hannah Brown out.

Moreover, Hannah is seen stressing on how tough the journey was and how she will have a long list of questions to answer. Well, that could just be a hint.

No Permission for The Proposal

Hannah Brown to not get engaged at the Bachelorette's finale

Monday’s episode played around Hannah Brown’s faith on Christianity. Moreover, her father is old school too as expects the husband-to-be to provide for her. All of which hints towards Brown’s expectation of having her prince to seek his parent’s permission before the proposal.

Yet neither the two of the last picks tried seeking the permission of the parents, which is quite fishy as well.

The Spicy Reveal of the Windmill Incident by Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown to not get engaged at the Bachelorette's finale

Well, Monday’s episode also showed Hannah giving details about her windmill adventure with Peter. Moreover, the boasting came just before the finale. Hence, it called for little suspicion.


Why would Hannah make her partner uneasy giving all these unnecessary details from that time? Further, Brown’s extra revelation hinted to her not being ready to wear the ring as yet.

Why did Hannah Brown shift to L.A.?

Hannah Brown to not get engaged at the Bachelorette's finale

Hannah’s roots were located in Alabama at the beginning of the show however, Hannah’s mother posted on Instagram about her move to L.A. Although the shifting could be to move in with anyone of her finalists.

Yet as far as we know none of her two men are based in L.A., so we aren’t quite sure of how things will work out here.

Well, to put all the speculations to end we’ll have to tune in to the season finale that comes Tuesday abt 8p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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