The Bachelorette season 15 finale: Fans accuse Wyatt for his promotion scheme

The Bachelorette season 15 finale vacillates between Wyatt and Tyler: Know who wins!

The Bachelorette season 15 finale inevitably made its appearance on July 30th. Hannah Brown’s journey of love continued for a really long time before finally coming to an end on Tuesday night.

Well, the long and exciting love life seems to have been of no avail, for her status is back to single in the end! Spoiler alerts! If you wish to witness the last episode without any prior-disturbance then stop right here. Don’t say later that I didn’t warn you!

The Bachelorette season 15 finale vacillates between Wyatt and Tyler: Know who wins!

The Bachelorette season 15 finale
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The Bachelorette season 15 finale: Spoilers ahead!

The two part finale of season 15 of The Bachelorette kicked started its life on Monday night and ended on Tuesday. The kick off start featured Greece along with 3 men selected as her final suitor. The three men are Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron and of course non-other than Jed Wyatt.

Pilot Peter was sent home by Brown but before that, they enjoyed a never-ending, sit-down live show with Chris Harrison as host. The sit-down show which took place on Monday brought closure to their windmill romance encasing relationship.

One of the major credit holders for Pete’s loss is Weber’s mother, who all the while sitting in the audience cheered for her son. The curtains closed on Monday with Brown facing a tug-of-war situation between Wyatt and Cameron.

Well, Wyatt’s chances seem to have gone down all thanks to the rumors of him already having a waiting girlfriend at home. Now if it’s true then, he has been guilt-freely contesting for Brown’s heart when he already holds one!

Tuesday’s finale seems to continue even after its on-screen end!

The Bachelorette season 15 finale vacillates between Wyatt and Tyler: Know who wins!

The end!
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Now after a torturous wait of umpteen hours began the finale of Tuesday. The final Judgment Day, we can call it. Brown had two choices and she seemed pretty torn between the two. As Cameron when for the classic pose to propose and confess his love Hannah was all-ready with her decision.

Well, can you guess who she chooses? Okay, okay I won’t play with you for long! She choose……. Wyatt! However, the engagement that they performed in Crete did not last long!

Just two days after the auspicious day, Wyatt’s truth which in the form of rumors have always been around came out! Even though he claims to have ended the relationship 1 week before his arrival on the show, the fact that he kept it hidden cannot be changed.

People even accused Wyatt of joining the show just as part of his singer-songwriter career promotion scheme. Wyatt said that according to him finding love on a reality show is definitely an implausible thing. However, after meeting Brown his thoughts and perception have certainly changed.

Sad, that its too late for all this for Brown’s trust is already shattered! That’s all for The Bachelorette season 15 finale, hope things will cool down for the couple soon!

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