“The Best Of Enemies”- A Tale of Interracial Friendship

“The Best Of Enemies”- A Tale of Interracial Friendship.
The Best of Enemies is the 2019 Green Book version.

“The Best Of Enemies” is a tale of interracial friendship. It is a 2019 version of the “Green Book” but slightly less offensive. But it depends upon us how to judge it.

The Storyline

“The Best of Enemies” goes back to 1971 Durham, North Carolina. The movie is a great historical drama.

It is on a real-life story of two people Ann Atwater who is a black resident of Durham and C.P Ellis. Ann is helping people in housing discrimination and C.P Ellis who is the leader of Ku Klux Klan.

“The Best Of Enemies”- A Tale of Interracial Friendship

Taraji P Henson is acting as Madea of the real story.

Robin Bissel, the director and starring Taraji P Henson as Ann Atwater and Sam Rockwell as Ku Klux Klan are in the movie.

The movie begins with some images and voice-overs and depicts an unlikely relationship between  Ann and a white person Ellis.

The Climax

“The best of enemies” revolves around the story of Ann Atwater and C.P Ellis who had conflicts until the year 1971. But when the two decide to co-chair in a meeting of a community to grapple with the issue of school desegregation. This is the moment of change in their lives.

“The Best Of Enemies”- A Tale of Interracial Friendship

Sam Rockwell stars as the late C.P. Ellis in the film “The Best of Enemies.”

“The Best of Enemies” stand on the base when an elementary school for the black children was damaged by fire.

The black parents insisted the officials send their children to study in the schools reserved for the white children. But the officials forced the black children to use the remaining usable rooms in the damaged building.

Let’s see what the tale turns in the movie.


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