The Biggest Loser reboot makes promises that are mighty big!

The Biggest Loser show is coming back with promises of improvement

Well, are you missing The Biggest Loser? Reminiscing the past days when watching the show used to light-up your monotonous days? Well, here I am with some amazing news regarding the reboot of The Biggest Loser show!

Yes, its coming back and this time it will be much better than the last time. Says who? No, not me it’s the fact is claimed by non-other than the host of the show, Bob Harper.

The Biggest Loser show is coming back with promises of improvement

Bob confirmed the return of The Biggest Loser!
source: USA Network

The Biggest Loser reboot is on its way!

The news stating the return of The Biggest Loser is revealed by Bob Harper. The topic of the show surfaced in the middle of his interview on Today show on Friday. The personal trainer confidently announced the launch of the show. However, that is not all!

He even added that the reboot will get bigger and better than ever before, so all should just wait. The competition reality show reboot will feature new trainers as well as new medical team. Bob seemed to be in the mood of clearing all previous misunderstandings and criticism about the show!

The show’s scared history is defended by Bob!

The Biggest Loser show is coming back with promises of improvement

Source: NBC 5

The Biggest Loser has been previously accused of fat-shaming and including unnecessary intense weight-loss measures. Well, the talented trainer openly said that no matter what one says about weight loss, it is bound to be in the bad-limelight. According to me this is quite true for weight-loss is now just considered another name of body-shaming!

However, this fact is not gonna hold back the show! They are planning on approaching the hazardous topic in an entirely different way. The motive and aim of The Biggest Loser reboot is to help them in ever possible way while they are on the show.

The show initially ran from the year 2004 to 2016 on the NBC. However, the reboot is not going to follow this legacy and will hit you TV screens in 2020 on USA Network. So just wait for the time being and try not to add some layers of fat till then.

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