The Biggest Loser’s Contestant Daniel Wright Dies at 30 After a Long Battle From Cancer

The Biggest Loser's Daniel Wright Dies at 30 After a Long Battle From Cancer

Daniel Wright appeared in NBC’s The Biggest Loser for Season 7 and Season 8 consecutively. His wife confirmed the tragedy on twitter.

Daniel Wright: from a fatso to a sensational star

The Biggest Loser's Daniel Wright Dies at 30 After a Long Battle From Cancer


Yet again, we lost a gem in name of Wright. He was battling with leukemia for a long time and passed away on Sunday in morning. All of his fellow participants at Biggest Loser paid their tribute to the purest of pure soul, on their Facebook handles.

Courtney Crozier wrote, “I am so so heartbroken that we lost Daniel this morning.” She issued the above message on her Facebook handle on Sunday.

She further stated that she had always praised Daniel during his fight with the cancer and more. Courtney told media that he was the kindest of all and a true difference maker, she ever came across of.
Indeed, It’s an honor to have him, on screens and in our memories forever.

Daniel was the heaviest contestant on the show, weighing around 454 pounds.

He further went on to marry his fellow contestant, Rebecca Mayer.
Danny Cahill, former contestant and a friend of Wright also paid a heart-wrenching tribute to his long-term mate.

He wrote, “Yesterday, the world lost its light.” He and Daniel met in May 2009 for the very first time on Malibu beach
Since then, there was no looking back to their friendships.
“Daniel’s light has always been one of Grace, encouragement, wisdom, love and honor throughout the time I have known him. And I can honestly say that because of him I am a better man,” Cahill added.

We are gonna miss you, Wright

The Biggest Loser's Daniel Wright Dies at 30 After a Long Battle From Cancer

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Wright was detected with Cancer in October 2017. After complaining of severe headache and extreme body fatigue, making him barely able to walk.
His medical reports indicated acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The type of leukaemia is one of the most common kind of blood cancer found. It is found in the blood and bone-marrow of a person, affecting the white blood cells.

In the past two years, he underwent a ton of rounds of chemotherapy. We can feel the extreme pain, he went through during his chemo sessions. Two days before his death, Wright coughed up blood while eating. His wife took him to hospital in a very critical condition.
Who would have thought, the state will take turn to the worst.

RIP, Daniel.

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