The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Beth meets her real parents, leaving Steffy heartbroken


The Bold and the Beautiful has just erupted glimpses of some of the most heartbreaking scenes of this season. The months of agony and strains in Hope and Liam’s life have lastly reached an end. The Bold And The Beautiful ‘s makers have finally decided to reveal the baby switch this week while leaving Steffy Forrestor shattered.

The Bold And The Beautiful; Beth reconciles with real family 

Liam Spencer and Hope Logan awaits a new strength after their presumably dead daughter is exposed to be alive. Yes, she is Beth, whom Steffy has been caressing for as if she’s her own. Steffy was always under impressions of Beth being Flo Fulton’s baby.

The new mother was fond of her adopted daughter, whom she named Phoebe after her beloved sister. And now, when the moment has finally befallen, she has to let Beth go, leaving Steffy with a lifetime of pain and wounds. Her goodbye moments with Beth would be worth shedding your tears for.Beth was her last support for keeping Klen jovial.

Besides, the affair is going to be quite emotional and extravagant for both sides’ parents. Meanwhile, Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) will focus her lenses on to make sure about Hope and her granddaughter’s safety, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) will be comforting his heartbroken daughter.

Week 2 Spoilers

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Beth meets her real parents, leaving Steffy heartbroken

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However, Liam is deep struck between his feelings for Beth’s much-needed homecoming to Steffy’s warped sufferings.Much like Hope, Steffy too is a victim of a godless bay switch trap.

After a seemingly fine end for Liam and Hope’s troubled marriage, the coarse of daily soap then shifts towards Sally Spectra. She will soon discover the truth about Wyatt dumped her for a tricky liar. Wyatt will extend his apologies to Sally for overreacting to Sally’s actions and trusting Flo’s scheming deception.

Finally, Liam and Bill will bond a coffee date, that to be chancing after Beth’s reunion in The Bold And The Beautiful. After the family’s shocking revelations, they will try to sabotage the persisting differences together.
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