‘The Boys’ Season 3 Release Date, Story Updates: Next Installment will focus on the COVID-19 Pandemic


According to showrunner Eric Kripke, the storyline of The Boys Season 3 will be heavily influenced by the current worldly scenario. The upcoming season will deal with the real world news including the response of the United States to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a roundtable with Total Film and Games Radar, Kripke explained that the show will have a heavy influence of the real world. The pandemic crisis will also affect the show’s storyline. It has been a pattern for the show. The writers get influenced by the news and then blend the stories accordingly.

This was also visible in The Boys season 2. Kripke said,

We’re all news junkies and, you know, in Season 2, in the United States, the travel ban was happening and getting people really scared about this fictitious caravan that was coming to our southern border in Mexico. So, we ended up with a season that’s a lot about xenophobia, and how authority figures rile up people and make them afraid in order to control them.

The showrunner is set to the allude to the pandemic and will address it in the show. Discussions are going on about the government’s take on the pandemic crisis. A comic series of the same name is the inspiration behind the superhero satire series.

The comics was created by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis. Well, according to them, not all superheroes are good.

Kripke said,

It’s a fortunate opportunity for me to have a show that I can, you know, talk about the world. I have a place to put all my frustration.

The show has been renewed for Season 3. The second installment is set to premiere on 4 September on Amazon Prime Video.

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