The Collector 3: Collector franchise sequel disclosed on Twitter

The Collector 3

The two popular movies of slasher franchise will now get another sequel. The Collector and the Collection are two popular instalments of the modern slasher franchise. The Collection was the expansion of the original movie but got no further sequel.

But now, the official announcement of the new sequel that is The Collector 3 has been made by an actor of the franchise, Josh Stewart.

The Collector 3

The news was spread on Twitter by the actor, Josh Stewart who refers to the announcement of the movie, The Collector 3.

The two original movies of the slasher’s collector series were written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. This is the same writer duo that wrote Saw IV, V, VI, and, VII.

While the popular writer, Marcus Dunstan also took the task of directing the movies, and according to the news he will also be directing the third part.

Till now there has been no official plot of the movie that is released. However, it is expected that the story will continue after the ending of The Collection.

The Collector 3

Announcement of The Collector 3 by Josh Stewart
Source: Addicted to Horror Movies

In the previous movie, Arkin goes to the real house of the Collector and kidnaps him. After such a climax it will be really interesting to know what The Collector 3 will bring for you.

More details of the film will be released soon in the near future. Possibly, by the 10th anniversary of the original film which will occur this year. After waiting for so long a sequel of the franchise is a special moment for the fans.

If you are excited to watch The Collector 3 then share your views in the comment section. Also, stay tuned to BlockToro for more updates.

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