The Crown Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Netflix Release, Trailer and More

The Crown Season 4 Release Date Story, Cast, Episodes, Netflix Release, Trailer and More

The Crown Season 4 was a go even before the third season premiered on Netflix as the makers are so much confident in their period drama. The show which has been called as one of the best in modern TV has garnered a lot of praise from fans for accurately depicting the lives of the Queens and Kings of England. Here is everything you want to know about the release date, trailer, cast, total episodes, and story of The Crown season 4 on Netflix.

The Crown Season 4: Trailer and Release Date

The Crown Season 4 Trailer and Release Date

The Crown season 4 is currently filming and it means there would be some time before we see any footage or trailer. There are high chances that the first trailer for The Crown season 4  could release around October or November in 2020, around one month before the release date.

The first season of ‘The Crown’ aired in November 2016, season two was launched in December 2017 and the latest third three is coming up in November 2019. As the production of the fourth season is already in progress, it could have a release date in the last part of the year 2020.

The Crown Season 4: Total Episodes and Cast

The Crown Season 4 Total Episodes and Cast

Every season of The Crown has a total of 10 episodes which is the basic format for most of the Netflix show. It means that even The Crown season 4 will have a total of ten episodes depicting the various life events of the royal family. Here is the cast list for the fourth season of The Crown which features certain new characters also.

  • Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson)
  • Princess Diana (Emma Corrin)
  • Mark Phillips (Geoffrey Breton)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman)
  • Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies)
  • Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter)
  • Queen Mom (Marion Bailey)
  • Earl of Snowdon (Ben Daniels)
  • Princess Ann (Erin Doherty)
  • Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor)
  • Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell)
  • Andrew Parker Bowles (Andrew Buchan)

The Crown Season 4 Plot and Queens

The Crown Season 4 Plot and Queens

The Crown season 4 will primarily revolve around the life of Princess Diana’s life and Emma Corrin has been very excited to play the role. It will also feature Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher who had a huge influence on that era and is called as an icon. There will be a lot of drama and secrets involved in ‘The Crown season 4’ as it comes out on Netflix in the next year.

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