The Cuphead Show – a new animated series for binge watching from Netflix

The Cuphead Show – a new animated series from Netflix

Netflix recently rumored about making an animated series on “Cuphead”, previously a video game content. Thus, “The Cuphead Show “will feature as a new animated series originally produced by Netflix.

The streaming platform didn’t share anything about the series entry for users. However, the artistic and distinct feature of the game is always yes to make an animated series.

The Cuphead Show is a remake

Over the year, the hand-drawn artistic character was once inspired by 1930s Fleischer cartoons. Moreover, Netflix takes over the series to be identical by following the impulses through which the characters reminisced.

And over time, the game won hearts and also an award which became widely popular at times. The Cuphead Show will enjoy both the characters misadventure following his brother Mugman who gets swayed easily.

The Cuphead Show – a new animated series from Netflix

Release date of the animated show isn’t disclosed
Credits: Hollywood reporter

However, getting a green light from Netflix original contents is really a big thing. Especially, when it comes to big and pricey projects that will be released.

But, it will be a great plus point for the production house, as the game already sold 4 million copies. But for now, there are no further details available as to when the series to be released.

Details not revealed:

There is a big question-will the company try to use the same hand-drawn approach? If so, then the production and release of the animated series will take some lot of time.

Thus, The Cuphead Show will have to go through a lengthy production process. In order to complete each frame and adjoining them all by hands. There is substantial proof for this kind of pain. The developer of the game, MDHR studio took a year to release their first DLC.

The Cuphead Show – a new animated series from Netflix

The series will be based on two characters Cuphead and Mugman
Credits: gamerant

However, all of us are expecting the release of anything or just a clip to get through. And of course, with a great team and excellent animator available, the release will be soon.

Perhaps, “The Cuphead Show” to get a real and intriguing score to be filled up. Along with some Jazz and a big band tracks to cover the show from Netflix soon.

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