The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date and Rumors Round-Up: Everything That We Know So Far

Elder Scrolls 6 Plot

The Elder Scrolls has been one of the most amazing gaming series, and while it had always been pretty famous it picked steam after the launch of Skyrim. Ever since then, Elder Scrolls 6 has been awaited by the gamers and the developer, Bethesda, has also teased the game in the past yet we have no updates on the game a year after the first teaser came out. Here’s a closer look at the expected release date and the rumor round-up.

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

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What to Expect from Elder Scrolls 6?

This sixth installment of the game is expected to take place in the High Rock region and will feature some new mechanisms for in-game combat. Interestingly, the series is known for fighting using weapons such as bow and arrow, swords and shields – however this new game might feature some newer weapons which haven’t been seen in the past.

Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors

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Another little detail about this game is that the characters in Elder Scrolls 6 (including playable and non-playable characters) will actually age with time in order to add more realism to the game. There’s also a rumor which states that this game is actually going to be a prequel – and it will be based even before the events of the first game in the series! Lastly, Elder Scrolls 6 might actually support VR as well.

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date: When Will The Game Come Out?

Elder Scrolls 6 Features

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The game was first teased at E3 2018 and it has been over a year since then. It is expected that the latest game in the Elder Scrolls series will be out by late-2020 or mid-2021, which will be just around the time the new XBOX and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles come out.

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