The Elder Scrolls Blades: When will the Game Release on Windows?

The elder scrolls: blades

An action-based game, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, is about an agent who upon returning to his home town discovers that it has been destroyed and burnt to ashes. It is the agent’s responsibility to locate the civilians and make sure they are well.

A lot of tasks and adventures form part of the game. The agent must fight goblins and skeletons to win. The plot seems gripping for long hours of gaming fun. Most phones with average specs should be able to run the game pretty smoothly.

The elder scrolls: blades

Blades Release Date

Blades released this year itself. The credits of the game go a creator by the name Bethesda Game Studios and the game has published with the name Bethesda Software. Blades is a role-playing game with a 1st person perspective wherein the player plays the game as the agent.

Platforms that can run Blades

The game is available for both Android as well as Apple devices. Back to back combats can be played since the console graphic seems reliable.

Non development of multiplayer features in the game has caused some resentment from the gaming community. While the developers work on the multiplayer feature, they have added more loot to deter the negativity of paid users. The users may have to be patient with the multiplayer feature while the developers try to sweeten the deal with loots and other goodies.

The feature of a chat room is also being introduced among several other features. The chat room features come with a maximum 20-person limit per chat room, which seems like a reasonable starting point.

Blades will not be made available for Windows. Nonetheless, all phones that launched after 2016 will be able to run the game. The developers expressed their willingness for making Blades available on PC but added that it will take a long time.

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