The Handmaids Tale Season 3 is already giving us goosebumps

The Handmaids Tale Season 3 is already giving us goosebumps

The Handmaids Tale season 3 is already giving us goosebumps. The overall series has been engaging people to the screens and they can’t just get more of it. The Hulu series original has a twisted like Cinderella but not really. The Handmaids Tale season 3 is on its way and if you planning on watching it, you should know the story of all previous seasons.

Okay, before we go further, Interested in dystopian stories? -YES! Interested in twisted and parallel characters?-YES! So, the series is for you. Let’s take a nice ride through the previous seasons and then you shall spend your night with The Handmaids (not literally).

The Handmaids season 1 Recap 

Written and produced by Bruce Miller, the series starts off with lesser friendly themes. While watching the first scenes, you might think that hmmm… maybe this is great and all. When the series escalates you find yourself in completely shocking moments, and well, so do we. In the first season, we see something about fertile and infertile women.

Hospitals are vacant and there are no mothers-to-be. Meanwhile, a woman delivers a baby and it is stolen from the hospital by infertile women. There are different categories of women portrayed by each actress. Some are the ones who take everything without budging. Some are the rebels, the ones who would stare you in their eyes even if you kick her.

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Some are the ones who would keep a docile exterior but within they are plotting for an escape. then the ones who are attractive but aren’t used by or don’t work in brothels.  Followed by little mysteries and well long stories.

The Handmaids Tale Season 3 is already giving us goosebumps

The tale which is a little twisted
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The Handmaids Tale Season 2 Recap

The bombing killed around 31 commanders and 26 handmaids in total, while the investigation reaches to a certain level, there is a series of more weird events.

Serena a mysterious character which has been giving us some eerie feels has her life read like an open book. To be honest, the series isn’t worth spoilers. You should really watch it if you do, no doubt you are going to think of them all the time long.

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