The Handmaid’s Tale spoilers: Sacrifice and Betrayal will mark the Season Finale

The Handmaid's Tale penultimate episode spoilers!

The penultimate episode of The Handmaid’s Tale left umpteen wondering if it could get any better. However, knowing at the very same time that the big-bomb explosion is yet to be witnessed in the finale.

While characters were seen making the most difficult of all-time choices, the episode even turned out to be an epitome of sacrifice. So allow me to take you on a quick tour of all those things that excited you the most in the second-last episode.

The Handmaid's Tale penultimate episode spoilers!

Episode 12 makes characters stand-out with their bravery!
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The Handmaid’s Tale recap

Warning for all those who have still not seen the episode of Handmaid’s Tale and wish to behold it without prior nagging. STOP right here for there are spoilers ahead! So my duty as a responsible series-watcher ends here. Let’s get started with the real stuff now!

June received a skip-free entry in the episode as we spot her right were we expected too. Standing with a gun pointed towards the now dead Commander Winslow. As she stands there in a trance, her spell is broken by the sound of a van pulling up in the driveway. The door opened and closed, footsteps echo as someone is making its way towards the crime spot.

Fear and dread must have engulfed her yet she decides not to move and face this hour of impending doom. However, luck seems to favour her and it was just Eleanor who enters the room, with the demand for sandwiches and coffee for some “men”.

Well, it was Commander Putman and some of his fellow-mates all chatting about Fred and Serena’s capture in Canada. Joseph says to June that the day is in-all a good one for she just got away with murder. While Fred and Serena are no longer a worry for any-body. Yeah, for sure a day can start no better than this.

Serena and her betrayal finally unveiled!

The Handmaid's Tale penultimate episode spoilers!

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Serena’s cold-hearted betrayal and acceptance of dark-truth in The Handmaid’s Tale turns us all white and cold. As Fred promises her unflinching protection all she says is “You have to save yourself. I’ll be fine.” That is when Fred realizes about the game that was being played right in front of his eyes. While he remained ignorant and oblivious to it all!

Another moment that surprised us all in The Handmaid’s Tale was Fred getting punched by the once-consoling Luke. Well, these were some of the moments that stirred the air around me when I witnessed the penultimate episode.

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