The Hidden Romance: Did Prince William Cheat On Kate Middleton With Rose Hanbury?

Prince William and Kate Middleton2

The rumor factories can never get tired of the British Royal Family. Nowadays Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been the tabloid’s favorite but also turns out that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also on their radar.

Prince William and Kate Middleton1

“Yes, It Is An Affair!”

Recently in the first half of 2019, it was a widespread rumor that the king-to-be was cheating Middleton with Rose Hanbury, a Marchioness. The gossip further got intensified by a tweet by Giles Coren of “The Time of London” which was later deleted. It said: “Yes, it is an affair. I haven’t read the piece but I know about the affair. Everyone knows about the affair, darling,”

Rose appears to be a close friend of the Cambridges and is seen time and again at the high profile social events attended by William and Kate. Though the three have been on favorable terms since forever, things got uncomfortable after the disputes between the Duchess and Marchioness. The incident didn’t go overlooked by gossip mills.

Phasing Out

As a first, “The Sun” reported about the rumors with details about how a very agitated Middleton urged her husband to phase Hunbary out of their company. After that, things went south between the once-thick friends, leaving a question mark as to what triggered such a situation.

It Is In The Genes

As ridiculous as it sounds, Prince William’s genes are being brought up as one of the reasons for the cloudy rumors coming forward. The Duke’s father Prince Charles has a well-known story on cheating on Princess Diana his then-wife with his current wife, Camila Parker Bowles. So according to some theories, Prince William might follow his father’s paths.

There hasn’t been any solid proof that affirms any of the rumors, even though there is a storm of suspicious reports implying the affair. Furthermore, Gossip Cop reported that the attorneys of the British royal family, for the first time, stated to clear the air that as a rule, the royal family chooses to remain silent on the rumors.

Truth be told, the Duke and the Duchess have dissociated from Hanbury possibly for the sake of guarding her reputation which was getting tainted at the cost of the royal pair.

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