The King’s Man trailer just dropped, promises same universe as original

The King’s Man trailer just dropped and it’s intriguing to watch

The latest trailer of “The King’s Man” is released. Fox Star released the trailer and claimed it as the prequel of the Kingsman organization. This movie is primarily based on the same universe as of the original movie.

The King’s Man movie depicts more of historical events

In the 19th century, The King’s Man tells the story of its successor. And informally follows every event that leads to the creation of the Kingsman organization. While many claim that the movie will follow every historical event at that time. However, it’s not sure what kind of real-life events are to be followed.

The King’s Man trailer just dropped and it’s intriguing to watch

The King’s Man covers the origin of the secret service
Credits: Variety

The movie casts brilliant actors, Ralph Fiennes as T.E Lawrence, Liam Neeson acting as Herbert Kitchener and Daniel Bruhl as Gelix Yusupov. Other actors such as Gemma Arterton, Harris Dickinson and Rhys Ifans as an infamous Grigori.

However, the director remains the same as Mathew Vaughn. On the other hand, it covers the same story from the famous novel “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

There are a lot more to come from Kingsman franchise

After two extraordinary box-office success, this prequel is just a continuation from the franchise. The franchise is working with the characters of The Golden Circle as a television series.

Moreover, a third installment spin-off of the later adventure by Eggsy is under production. The title of the movie is still under suspense while some are directing as “The Great Game”.

The King’s Man trailer just dropped and it’s intriguing to watch

Credits: MPAA

On a later note Vaughn commented, Eggsy is travelling for a new journey. As well as Harry Hart as Galahad is also moving on a new journey. Tequila as well as Agent Whisky, they all are going on a new journey.

This criterion is definitely taking them to a new world and they will be doing something new not as before.

Some reports confirmed meeting Egerton with the director and making a decision for the new launch. While The King’s Man will not involve Egerton in the movie but it’s not the last one.

The latest trailer of The King’s Man seems accepting for the fans and obviously the cast and story. However, the movie releases on February 14, 2020.

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