The Lion King 2019: Hits your nearest cinema houses soon

The Lion King 2019: Hits your nearest cinema houses soon

The reboot of 1994 musical, The Lion king is soon going to open in your nearest cinemas. There’s something magical in the animated film that captivates us from the core.

I was really blown away while watching the twenty-five year old movie. And we hope the reboot will enthrall us with same goosebumps.

The Lion King 2019: movie hits theaters soon

The Lion King 2019: Hits your nearest cinema houses soon

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The relationship between Mufasa and Simba, Simba’s struggle with his past and a socio-political warfare of African Savannah’s will make you cry, laugh and sing, all together.

The movie had a sense of perfection, which I surely miss in today’s commercial culture. Not to mention that, the original Lion King took six years for a flawless completion.

We bank on the same level of sublimity from the revived sequences. Moreover, the makers of the remake are facing the same state of pressure and expectations as felt by the original crew.

Even the reboot director, Jon Favreau is rattling with solid difficulties in polishing scenes. For him creating CGI animals in “The Jungle Book” was much easier than curating the same in “The Lion King.”

Getting expressions from animal CGI is really not a cakewalk for cinematographers. In words of director, Jon Favreau: 

The main facade with facial expressions is that if we ain’t pouring them in a decent amount, then the animals look too much like humans.


The Lion king 2019: Will the movie stand-up to the hype?

The Lion King 2019: Hits your nearest cinema houses soon


The task is complex and a bit tiring, when a billion expectations are lying above your head. Comparatively, the movie characters of “The Lion King” are a way emotional than other animated musings.

In our yesteryears, we’ve been hearing dialogues and songs out of animated products but seeing animals emoting with their faces is something new to our generation.

But yeah, anything is possible here. If AI robots can learn about emotions, then why should the virtual animated characters remain exceptions?

Speaking further, Favreau has headlined cast some actors from an African descent including  Donald Glover, Beyoncé and James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, sub-characters, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keegan-Michael Key and John Kani are backing them up, quite energetically.

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