The Lion King: Beyonce releases her new single from the upcoming Disney movie


It’s just a week before we gotta see King Simba and his ruthless journey towards being “the Lion King.” We really can’t wait to see Beyoncé, lending her voice, her emotions to the character of Nala. This would be her first time to be a part of a rocking animated movie.

Bey to hit more charts with ‘Spirit’

Beyonce drops a new single

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The pop-queen has not only been doing fairly well as Nala, but jointly produced The Lion King album. And after keeping her fans under speculations for an inordinate time, the wait for her fans is finally over.

The singing sensation has dropped her new single, Spirit on Tuesday night. Moreover, the release came on the same day, Disney dropped the Hollywood premiere of The Lion King.

It was just last week, Queen Bey shared a promo image of Spirit on her social media handles. And finally, the song saw it’s release on Tuesday night.
Although, “Spirit” was not a part of original movie of ’94s.” It’s been a new member in The Lion King family, that recently got it’s place in the album, ‘The Lion King: The Gift.’

A light on ‘The Lion King: The Gift’

Beyonce releases new single from The Lion King

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A chunk of global artists have put their much worth of time and talents in the highly anticipated album. The track themes swayed across the savannas of Africa, incorporating a major blend of African folk lores with modern melodies.

Spirit, unlike the title play, is a separate record from the film’s soundtrack. However, the album will shove down on July 19, with official premiere of ’19s Lion King, nationwide.

Moreover, Disney moved some rough jolts by releasing a few snippets of Glover and Beyonce’s duet, Can You Feep The Love Tonight, last month. Disney has also teased the fans, with few other tracks from the movie, including the iconic, the Circle of Life.

The movie is set to hit your nearest theater screens on July 19. Meanwhile, Donald Glover will voice adult Simba in the movie and Nala will be played by Beyonce.

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