The list of the hottest and sexiest K-drama actors is OUT!

The list of the hottest and sexiest K-drama actors is OUT!

Well, the entire world is enticed by K-dramas and I think almost all countries are bathing in its fever. However, in the huge crowd of actors and actress that represents K-drama there are a few that always stand out. So here I am with a list of 5 best and sexiest male K-drama actors whose presence is enough to heat-up your skin!

Who are top three K-drama actors of 2019?

Now, before I begin let me make one thing very clear, looks definitely matter but they are not everything. Apart from physical characteristics and appearance which these Korean men have in abundance to make people droop, other aspects are taken into consideration as well. Acting skills and performance are major role players as well!

First comes Sung Hoon, the charismatic and arrogant Level Up K-drama actor is cold hearted but with hot looks. The conversion that his character An Dan Te from stone-hearted, to soft and romantic is super easy to fall in love with.

The list of the hottest and sexiest K-drama actors is OUT!

Sung Hoon in Level Up
Source: Via Um Dorama?

Second is Jang Ki Young, who is pretty busy in the K-drama world at the present moment. Only half of the year has passed and he has already starred in 2 dramas. His one of the most appreciated work of the year is Search WWW.

Kim Jea Wook proudly stand on the third position in this list of K-drama actors. His character Ryan Gold has made the life of umpteen boyfriends much more harder than required. I mean setting such a bar for boyfriends is not fair, however as far as its beneficial for girls it acceptable by me!

Last two spots are reserved by..

Next comes Kim Ji Suk, the boy-next-door type actor! Other than his impressive acting skills, his hot looks are the major eye-catching object. How, can any-one question his open shirt scenes, even when they make no sense. It’s just the look of him that’s enough to stop people for using their brains much!

The list of the hottest and sexiest K-drama actors is OUT!

Kim Ji Suk
Source: DramaBeans

Last but definitely not the least is Kim Young Kwang. Well, his most recent work “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” is one that can charm any one. even though his character appears to be a bit of a jerk in the beginning, later his charms take-over to make things normal.

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