The new Black Widow movie begins shooting in June

The new Black Widow movie begins shooting in June

This has come to our knowledge that the filming for the MCU movie Black Widow has begun. The location for the shoot is set in Norway. Reports claim that Black Widow a.k.a Scarlett Johansson has reached the sets in Norway. A lot of photos have come up which show Scarlet being picked up in a car from a private jet. The car service also seemed like it was VIP.

Norwegian newspapers like Sunnmørsposten have put out reports that the movie Black Widow is going to film in Norway. It is speculated that the film would start being shot in June, though there is no concrete news about that. It is a bit early to say when the shooting will begin.

If sources are to be believed, June would be the month when it starts. The film will be mostly shot in the Pinewood Studios campus in the UK. The principal photography is supposed to take place there while secondary photography will take place in Norway.

The new Black Widow movie begins shooting in June

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Source: Geek Tyrant

About the movie

Whatever the case, it’s quite clear the motion picture will finish up being a spin-off in light of the character’s passing in Avengers: Endgame. When we asked Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely about how they choose to compose the character in spite of her performance film, the couple conceded they weren’t fully mindful of the task as they began composing the fourth Avengers film.
The new Black Widow movie begins shooting in June

Black Widow ready to fight. Source: MCUExchange

What do endgame writers have to say?

“We weren’t completely mindful of [the Black Widow movie, however, notwithstanding when that moved toward becoming more clear that it was something that they were aiming to do, nobody let us know not to do what we were doing,” Markus clarified.


“Right, and that is capable of her bend, right?” McFeely included. “Her at long last finding a reason, a family, and being eager to forfeit everything for that family. I think about her as maybe the most grounded individual in the entire motion picture.

She’s the lady on the divider in the five years. What’s more, notwithstanding when Captain America has questions, and recall that he says to her, ‘Perhaps we don’t should do this.’ She doesn’t impart that insight.”

We have high hopes for the Black Widow movie.

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