The official trailer of Charlie’s Angels: Reboot has released: details inside

The official trailer of Charlie's Angels: Reboot has released: details inside

Another sequel to 2000s original, Charlie’s Angels has now been on floors. The production house, Columbia Pictures has dropped an official trailer for the upcoming movie on Thursday.

Charlie’s Angles: The official trailer of movie has finally released

The official trailer of Charlie's Angels: Reboot has released: details inside

Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott star in Charlie’s Angels.
(picture: geeky tyrant)

This time, the director seat is chaired by none other than famous actor, Elizabeth Banks. You must have previously adored her in Pitch Perfect series. This time, the main lead is a sultry blend of sensuality and wittiness.

The Charlie’s deadly angels are played by Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Aladdin fame Naomi Scott. The angels in reboot version are responsible for Charlie’s business expansion and organisation’s underground activities.

The trailer has left us with clues to solve the plotline riddle of the action-thriller venture. Charlie’s agency has elevated a level up, with time. Now the group is studded with highly trained, sharp and brave women, recruited from different parts of world.

There are numerous Bosleys that guide and train the angels for the upcoming tasks. They are resilient, highly trained and lethal for their enemies. Director madam, Elizabeth Banks has also made an appearance as one of the chief Bosleys in the movie.


The official trailer of Charlie's Angels: Reboot has released: details inside

The trio will work under Banks for Charlie’s agency (picture:people)

Banks also shedded some light on her character during Jimmy Kimmel Live show, held last month.

We have more Bosleys in the next movie, having taken the entire context of Charlie’s Angels, founded by billionaire Charles Townsend in the late ’70s. We have tried treating them all as canon. They shall arrive into our movie soon.

In the foregoing movies, Bosley used to be a character’s name, rather than being a rank. Only, this time the makers divulged deep to create some Bosley posts, so as to appreciate the significant role of the handlers.

Charlie’s Angels will land in your nearest theatres on November 15, 2019. Along with her actor-director status, Banks has also written the main screenplays of the movie. However, writers David Auburn and Evan Spiliotopoulos have penned down the script.

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