The Promised Neverland Live Action Series Confirmed: Netflix reveals Release Date and Story Details

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The Japanese bestseller The Promised Neverland is all set for live-action series.

Seemingly, the series is in the making. The Promised Neverland is one of the most successful anime launches for the year 2019, initially written and illustrated by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu.

Amazon has shown interest in the series in the view of its huge fan following. Owing to its massive success, Amazon is also said to invest in the series.

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Details: Promised Neverland Live-Action Series

The English edition of this mega hit comic will be handled by some amazing writers and directors. The Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse writer Meghan Malloy is said to be in charge of the plot lines.

Rodney Rothman, a celebrated Oscar-winning director, had also worked with Meghan Malloy in the production of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse. Heroes’ Masi Oka will also be directing and producing the series.

Additionally, Fox 21 will also be a co-producer of the series. This will make the Promised Neverland live-action series among the most awaited series in the months to come.

The series trails a bunch of orphan kids, Emma, Rey, and Norma with the rest orphans in Grace Field House. The orphanage looks like a perfect home for the orphaned kids only till the protagonists realize the dark reality encircling the place.

According to the manga narrative, the orphanage is a farmhouse where kids are sacrificed to the devil. Upon finding out they could be next, Emma and friends made up their mind to plan and escape from the place. Sadly, Emma couldn’t save all the kids.

Release Date and Cast: Promised Neverland Live-Action Series

Promised Neverland made its first appearance on Fuji TV last year, instantly gaining popularity among non-Japanese audiences too. As its first season of the anime adaptation got on Netflix, the online streaming platform furthered its marketability.

The production is still in its early stages, hence Amazon hasn’t come up with a release date. It’ll be long till the production is complete but the fans are eagerly waiting for the plot and the characters. For now, there’s no intimation on who will be playing the protagonists.

Will Netflix Launch The Promised Neverland Live-Action Series?

The streaming hulk has not confirmed if it will obtain broadcasting rights for the live adaptation. Though, the anime version is already airing on other Netflix areas. Still, it is early to presume if the Promised Neverland live-series will get on Netflix.

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