The Red Sea Diving Resort from Netflix unveils twisted tales of Israeli Secret Agency

The Red Sea Diving Resort from Netflix unveils twisted tales of Israeli Secret Agency

Netflix is tirelessly striving hard to please all its subscribers and to keep them entertained day and night. Well, honestly speaking this not the easiest task to set for one-self. So to keep-up with the users demands, Netflix has launched yet another new offering. This time it’s not a long life promising show which will come-up with new series, it’s a film. Dubbed as The Red Sea Diving Resort, the latest release of Netflix is based on a real life story.

'The Red Sea Diving Resort' film of Netflix involves a real-life story!

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The Red Sea Diving Resort is Netfilx’s new release

The best way of watching a film is to know the least about it, however this law cannot be applied for all. The Red Sea Diving Resort revolves around the outrageous plan of setting-up a fake resort conspired by Mossad.

The resort is supposedly build on Sudanese shoreline and is an actual happening. The news have been trending on internet and social media for past 12 months. However, the biggest question is will people love to see it on screen?

What the film holds for us?

The Red Sea Diving Resort film of Netflix involves a real-life story!

The Red Sea Diving Resort Source: AP News

Well the entire story-line of the movie can simple be summed up by a just a dialogue (which is not even 100 words long) that is delivered by Mossad in the film. Let’s try, just read the following line and you’ll obviously know what the film is all about!

So your idea, just to reiterate, is to send a group of Jews to a Muslim country … to run a fake hotel in order to rescue a group of black Jews who might not be able to survive a 1,000-kilometer walk across the desert, to be smuggled out to sea by Israeli Navy Seals to an Israeli ship.”

Well, the launch of the film is bound to bring the-now-in-the-background topic of Mossad back to spotlight. One of the set-backs of the film is its lack of emotion. I mean how come such an incident not hold several heart-wrenching, emotional scenes that make viewers sob till its hard to breath?

Well, whatever Netflix made cannot be changed. So if you are on the outlook of new stuff on Netflix, then you can try The Red Sea Diving Resort!

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