The Riverdale Season 4 premiere date announced: Get insights

The Riverdale Season 4 premiere date announced: Get insights

It was just a month ago the third season of Riverdale aired its finale and fans are curious enough to count the number of days remaining for The Riverdale Season 4 premieres because The CW just announced the premiere dates for it.

It was announced that the new season of the blockbuster series will be premiering on the 9th of this October, on The CW and Netflix.

According to a report from the Deadline, The CW is planning to air a bunch of series premieres and season premieres this October on different days. According to the report, The CW’s planning to air some of the famous series like The Flash, Super Girl and much more besides Riverdale.

The announcement also revealed that season 4 of Riverdale is sharing its premieres with a brand new series called Nancy Drew on Wednesday nights.

Most hyped seasons of the series so far

Riverdale season 4 is said to be the most hyped season of the series of Riverdale so far. The new season is going to feature the main characters Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie in their senior years.

The Riverdale Season 4 premiere date announced: Get insights

Lead Actors of Riverdale

The finale of season 3 gave a glimpse of the senior years of the lead characters and the fans are curious than ever to witness them in season 4. As of now, The CW has only announced the premiere dates of the show.

It didn’t announce the episode count of season 4. But, this time it might be 22 episodes long as it was with the seasons 2 and 3. It will be better that way because the viewers enjoy watching more number of episodes of their favorite series.

Riverdale still occupies first place in the best TV shows aired on Netflix. All the three previous seasons are streaming on Netflix right now and if you interested enough to catch up with the fourth one, make sure you watch the remaining before its premiere starts.

Is Jughead going to die in Riverdale Season 4?

The Riverdale Season 4 premiere date announced: Get insights

A scene from season 3

Mysteriously, the last episode of season3 featured a flash forward that suggested Jughead had died. This flash-forward is one of the major factors which is gonna drive viewers curious enough to watch the latest season.

Let us see whether Jughead is really gonna die or it was just another twist in the story.

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