Sesame Street Show: US Postal has announed special Postal Stamps in honour of the show

The “Sesame Street Show” completes the 50th Anniversary

In the happiness of the renowned show “Sesame Street” completing it’s 50 anniversary, the postal service of US announces stamps in honour of them. It announces some additional stamps in 2019, which will be showing its presence super soon.

The postal service of US highly respects and honours the “Sesame Street Show”. The show is one of the most loved and influential shows for children. Across the entire globe, people love and adore these children show.

Besides being entertaining, the show has also provided educational content to the children. It is not just popular in the US but has its presence across the globe. The stamp features photograph the 16 Muppets.

The “Sesame Street Show” releases 50th Anniversary Postal Stamps


The Big Bird, The Ernie, Bert, The Cookie Monster, The Rosita, Count, The Oscar the Grouch, The Abby Cadabby, The Herry Monster, The Julia, The Guy Smiley, The Snuffleupagus, The Elmo, The Telly, The Grover, and Zoe.

This was very kind of the US postal services to acknowledge a show to this extent. By doing this, it gives the show more and more motivation for the show.

The “Sesame Street Show” releases 50th Anniversary Postal Stamps

The show feels honoured and tries to deliver higher quality content in the future. These stamps act as a morale booster for any show. The stamps had been designed by Derry Noyes, the art director.

The extra details, about the date, location, issue ceremony, will come very soon. Viewers just can’t wait for this. Children are super duper excited about their favourite show.

Keep a track on the issuing ceremony, which is going to be huge.

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